.Homes Domain Names

Eligibility Criteria

To register, renew, or accept the transfer of a .HOMES domain name, you must be an individual or a legal entity with a bona-fide nexus to the .HOMES sector. This connection means that You as the registrant of the domain name must be able to reasonably demonstrate a link or an interest to the Relevant Sector at the time of registration and throughout the duration of the .HOMES domain name registration. For more information visit our Eligibility Criteria page.


Where to Buy .Homes Domain Names

For a list of accredited registrars for .Homes domain names please visit our registrar page.


.Homes Pioneer Program

The goal of the .Homes Pioneer Program is to encourage the use and public awareness of the .Homes new domain name extension, educate the public about the safety and authenticity of content on .Homes websites and to promote our Pioneers as the leaders and innovators who are building safe and relevant content on .Homes for the community. Interested in applying? Click here to learn more.