Reserved Name RFP Request Form


Dominion Registries has been designated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) as Registry Operator for the .Homes Top Level Domain (TLD).  As part of the operation of its TLDs, Dominion Registries has reserved several categories of names, in accordance with Section 2 and Specifications 5 and 6 of Dominion Registries’ registry agreements with ICANN, such as those 4 characters or less in length, geographic/place names and other particular names (collectively, “Reserved Names”).  This Reserved Name RFP Request Form (this “Form”) provides a method for an applicant for a Reserved Name (“Applicant”), and/or the applicable Registrar for the Applicant, to request the release and allocation of one or more Reserved Names.  If the request for release and allocation is accepted by Dominion Registries following the submission of a completed Form, then the Applicant will be provided with a Reserved Name RFP Agreement that it must complete as a condition to the release of the requested Reserved Name(s) to the Applicant.

Release Request Process

1.      Applicant must complete this Form, and submission represents acceptance of all included and referenced terms and conditions.

2.      Dominion Registries will review the Form and, if the information regarding the Applicant and its requests with respect to the Reserved Names are deemed acceptable by Dominion Registries in its sole and exclusive discretion, Dominion Registries will return to the Applicant the appropriate Reserved Name RFP Agreement (“standard” or “express”, as appropriate based on the nature of the Reserved Names requested).

3.      Both Applicant and Dominion Registries must sign the Reserved Name RFP Agreement in order for the Reserved Name(s) to be released and allocated to the Applicant.

Applicant Contact Information

Applicant Name:
Entity / Company:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Existing Website:

Reserved Name(s) Requested:

Domain Name:  
Intended Use:
Domain Name:  
Intended Use:
Domain Name:  
Intended Use:

Dominion Registries’ decision to receive and review this Form for one or more Reserved Names does not obligate Dominion Registries to award any or all such Reserved Names to the undersigned Applicant or any other Applicants.  More specifically, Dominion Registries may elect to withhold the release of the Reserved Names or may allocate them through another process authorized by Dominion Registries and ICANN rules and policies.  If Dominion Registries elects to utilize one of these alternative allocation processes, it may in its sole and exclusive discretion elect to limit the number of participants in any such alternative allocation process.  As consideration for Dominion Registries’ receipt and review of this Form, Applicant hereby irrevocably waives and releases any and all claims, causes of action or other complaints that Applicant could raise against Dominion Registries or the relevant registrar in relation to the Reserved Names. 

By submitting this Form, the submitter represents and warrants that (i) he/she has been duly and validly authorized by all necessary corporate action and approvals by Applicant to submit this Form, and (ii) he/she has read and agrees on behalf of Applicant to be bound by the terms set forth herein.



Sample of reserved domain names:
Zip codes: (23510.Homes, 94346.Homes, etc.)

Home types: (Ranch.Homes, Modular.Homes, Cape.Homes, etc)

Premium/Generic: Dream.Homes, Retirement.Homes, Ocean.Homes

Geographic related:  Downtown.Homes, Smithfield.Homes, Hannover.Homes *Geographic names are not being considered at this time.


If you are eligible to own a .Homes domain and want to request the registry to consider the release of a domain, please contact us by submitting your RFP request with this form. Please note, many reserved domains are also considered generic or premium and have a premium acquisition fee.